Thoughts On The Bank Bailouts

Posted in Trust Business Loans News & Information on August 6, 2011


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In the fall of 2008, our taxpayer dollars were handed over in record numbers to the largest American banks we now consider to be “Too Big To Fail”.  We were told that if these banks weren’t bailed out, it would be catastrophic for the entire global economy.

Since that time, these big banks have recorded record profits, but have given nothing back to the American people on Main Street in the way of Small Business Loans.  So, all of the little guys bailed out the big guys, only to see the big guys return the favor by offering no help to the little guys whatsoever.

It would be nice if alternative financing weren’t even necessary.  But, this is the world we’re now living in.  If you need funding for a small business, you need a merchant cash advance, an ACH Only product, invoice factoring, or asset-based lending.  Unlike traditional loans which have APR percentage rates which all people are familiar with, the terms and rates of these alternative products can be difficult to decipher.

Please allow Trust Business Loans to help.  We want to get you the best deal possible for your business.  We’ll explain the costs involved and happily answer any and all questions.

You’ve got a business to run.  Let us find you the best financing.

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